English Grammar


English Grammar

Grammar refers to the way words are used, classified, and structured together to form coherent written or spoken communication.
This guide takes a traditional approach to teaching English grammar, breaking the topic into three fundamental elements: Parts of


A social worker in the Bronx, Julio Diaz was coming home from a long day’s work when he had an encounter with a teenager who held him up at knifepoint. This is the story of the unusual way Julio reacted..…

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*please check translation (HIGH EARNERS and not ” HIGHNESS”)

DIVERSITY is the thing that makes this world BEAUTIFUL …

So much energy is wasted on fear and hate and exclusion. Just what we needed to restore a little faith in …

Kids try Brazilian Veggies

Each region has its peculiarities, but the ingredients in general are used all over the country.

Like northeast of Brazil where this kind of food is very typical. Not only there, also in the north and central Brazil, which makes …

GUN NATION (the Guardian Documentaries)

Published on 16 Sep 2016

A revealing and unsettling journey to the heart of America’s deadly love affair with the gun

In the 18 years since Zed Nelson’s seminal photography book Gun Nation was published, 500,000 Americans have been killed